Agape Feast – Worship Service

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September 15, 2019: Join us for an Agape Feast. The Agape Feast, or Love Feast, is a communal meal shared among Christians. The Love Feast originated in the early Church and was a time of fellowship for believers. Whether we are old or young, whether we are first-time or longtime worshipers, whether we come full of doubts or confidence, joy or sorrow, we are all family. Following the model of Christ’s last meal with the disciples, in the earliest days of the Church, we will gather to share a meal, putting together our resources so that all might feast at the table and then share in the sacrament of Communion with one another.

Over time, the celebration of the Sacrament of Communion became the sole community meal. In the 16th century, a group of Christians called Moravians resurrected the practice of sharing food together in worship, sharing a simple meal with songs and prayers as a reminder of God’s goodness and their fellowship. The Agape or Love Feast is a meal that is an act of fellowship. k It is not a sacrament, nor a substitute for Communion, rather it is an opportunity for us to share and be the Bread of Christ for each other. Our worship service for this day will be incorporating the love feast into our order of worship as we share in something sweet today, which will remind us that we are God’s Beloved Children and that we are called to be Christ’s bread for others, just as Christ is our nourishment. May God’s nourishing bread provide you fulfillment this day and every day.

Service will be at 10:30 in our Fellowship Hall.