Backpack Buddies

Our church assists different organizations with collections of items for children in our area with “food-insecure” homes, that is, homes where food may be scarce when not in school. The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle organizes this through many different organizations; we have assisted Lighthouse Baptist collect items for this program.   We take donations regularly during the church year as well as at the Presbyterian Women’s Circle Meetings held monthly.  For more information or ways you can donate, contact The Mission Team via phone at 919 639 9973 or via email at to their attention.

Items we collect:

  • cereal boxes
  • pop tarts
  • cereal bars
  • raisins
  • fruit cups/pudding cups
  • crackers/nabs
  • canned soup or spaghetti
  • raman noodles
  • juice boxes or pouches (e.g. Capri Sun)