Mission: Yahvre-Jire Children’s Foundation

The Yahvre-Jire Children’s Foundation (US) was formed in 2013 to support its sister foundation in Port-au-Prince Haiti.  Supporting a school and orphanage for up to 50 children in one of the poorest areas of Haiti, the foundation has provided housing, education, and healthcare through Christian ministry to children who would otherwise live on the streets in abject poverty without help or hope.  Meaning “God provides” in Creole, Yahvre-Jire provides these children with food, clothing, books and lessons in math, reading (French-English/English-French) and grammar at the primary school level.  Thanks to the generosity of folks all over, these children have a chance to beat the statistics and graduate to secondary school (the equivalent of US high school) placement once they complete the primary program they offer.

WMPC has gathered a team together and needs your help!  Click here to find out more and see ways you can get involved.

How Can I Help?

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